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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family or chess

What is more important for you: the chess or your family? Most of us will answer that family is most important and the question is irracional.
Of course, it is right, but... How many players wanted to play in chess tournament, but his/her partner said, that it is not good idea. I have some friends and whenever they want to play with me (or our friends), there is a problem. Usually it is, that girlfriend/wife says that chess is more important for us. It is funny, because how it is possible, that the chess is more important than the other person.
Women needs to understand that we need some time to spend it with our friends playing chess. And it doesn't mean it is most important activity in our life.
Do you have similar troubles when you want to play chess with your friends?

1 comment:

  1. but if you have no family, just chess
    then you can kiss and touch and go all the way with no regrets just love