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Monday, January 24, 2011

Crazy Elo rating

If you don't have Elo rating yet, be carefull who do you play with. If you want to go on the list with reasonable rating it is important to play with opponents with similar rating we feel we should have.
This is funny, but if you play againts opponents with poor ratings you will go on the list, but... with poor ratings. If you play against strong opponents (and you loose most games), your rating will be also poor.
Decreasing the level of Elo rating was a big mistake of FIDE. I know they need money, but for now ratings between 1500-2100 are not showing the real level of player. You will play in the tournament against not relevant players, you rating will be wrong. For example you feel you have skills on 1900 Elo, but due to some poor games you will be listed with 1500 Elo rating.
Increasing 400 points of Elo rating will take you years...
So the conclusion is that you should carefully select tournaments you are going to play in.


  1. Hi!

    First of all, how I have come here, to your blog. I found you at Chess Circle.

    Secondly, as a remark on this post, I even traveled 220 kilometers only to participate in the last local tournament of 2006. My national rating was 2000+, while I had had no FIDE rating and I was determined to gain one by the next year, so I decided to enter a tournament.
    But this was my fate, because I played only 7 games and against players within the 1800s, and my results were not so good. Thus my initial rating became 1800-something.... In the next individual tournament with stronger opponents, my TPR was 2250 and I immediately gained 90+ rating points. I repeated this TPR several times, but I am still not over 2150, due to the low number of tournaments.

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