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Monday, January 17, 2011

Do you like chess?

Do you like chess? Who doesn't like, you'll answer. And you're right. Everybody likes it. Everybody beside me.
Why? This is good question. I hope I will be able to explain my point of view.
I liked to play chess for many years. It was my passion, my life. This game was my favorite one. Of course I played in many others like table games, card games, etc. But chess was always priority.
Now the situation is a bit different. I like playing chess, but I don't like this game. I don't like it, because I understand there is a level which cannot be achieved by me. And it will never be achieved. You will ask me: why?
The answer is simple: due to lack of time. The thing is that I will not be able to win with oppponents which have and Elo rating highre than me more than 200-300. Maybe in 3 minutes it is possible to win, but in longer game there is no chance to do it. But people with higher ratings spends on chess a lot of time. The talent is not sufficient, even if I think I do maybe have it.
I realized it and I know that without hard working I won't be stronger.
The other thing is that everyday I'm getting older, so my mind is going to work more poor. This is another one reason why to not like this game. I know the younger players are getting stronger and they can easy win with me. Without any problem.
I don't like losing. Nobody likes.
So why did I decide to create this blog? The answer is easy. I want to write about this game which was main part of my life. And it's not wasting time writing about chess, because I like it.

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  1. I wish I didn't love chess so much kry. I spend so much time playing it that I neglect other important things. At least I have decent chess sets.