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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does the FIDE organization like you?

Do you think that FIDE organization likes you? Do you think you are important for them? You are absolutly right with some exceptions.
First of all, not you are important for them, but your money. I think if you are not a top grand master they don't even know about your existence. It is only important that you pay for your cometition in tournaments.
Do you need a title? No problem. FIDE will help you. They created for us for example CM title. In case, FIDE doesn't have enough money, they will probably create another one title CCM (means candidate on candidate master).
Why do you think FIDE decreased the level of Elo rating? Because they like us? No they need money. Our money.
I wonder what else do they propose all chess players to get more money. Any ideas?

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